Vendor offers a round-the-world trip for retailers, reps

GuildMaster, a wholesale of furniture and decorative accessories, www.guildmaster.comannounced a new "Amazing Race" promotion for retailers and sales reps. The trip includes stops in nine of the topglobal fashion capitals or $10,000 in cash.

For each $1,000 in product purchased by a retailer or sold by a sales representative, one entry is earned so that the chance to win increaseswith the value of the orders.

The contest ends on Friday, Nov. 19 when fivefinalists in each group will be pulled from the entries. The following week onBlack Friday, Nov. 25, one winner in each group will be drawn from the fivefinalists and GuildMaster CEO Steve Crowder will personally deliver the news tothe winning retailer and sales representative.

Each of the winners will receiveeither two tickets for a dream trip around the world or $10,000.The Top 25Global Fashion Capitals according to the Global Language Monitor are in thisorder:
London, New York,Paris, Milano, Los Angeles,Hong Kong, Barcelona, Singapore,Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Madrid, Rome, Shanghai, Monaco, Las Vegas,Melbourne, Moscow,Amsterdam, Buenos Aires,Bali, MexicoCity, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai and Sao Paulo.

To identify the favorite cities, GuildMaster’s Facebook fans ( asked to Tell Us Your Dream City bytelling why and by posting photos of the cities on the company’s Facebookpage.

During the course of the contest, GuildMaster will highlight the topglobal fashion capitals, along with ongoing posts revealing the top dealers andreps. The winning destinations willbe based on the response from GuildMaster’s Facebook fans.