Self-watering ceramic planters

Marduk Productions LLC has a new brand of unique self-watering ceramic planters, the vision of Kourosh Hessam, a graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Industrial Design. He decided to pursue his love of ceramics, but also recognized the need for an innovative product design that was attractive, useful, and provided a real benefit to consumers who love plants,but don’t necessarily have a “green thumb.”
In November of 2009, Hessam partnered with longtime friend David Sharma to continue in their extensive research and development. They self-funded the project, one step at a time, buying materials, tools and equipment, building molds and creating new designs. After successfully building the working prototypes, they filed for a patent and in November of 2010, founded Marduk Productions, LLC. The company is now receiving substantial funding interest from investors that will allow the full launch of its initial two product lines this Fall. 
Clay’s natural porosity combined with a unique, double-walled design allows water to pass through the planter at a perfectly regulated level, hydrating the plant for up to 30 days. These hand-made molds are completely biodegradable, use only natural materials so they are 100% “Green” and allow plants to automatically absorb the right amount of water through the lining of the interior wall of the planter. This enables people who are plant lovers, but don’t necessarily have the time or knowledge to care for a plant’s daily needs, as well as the elderly and even children to experience the delight of growing even the most sensitive plants in a flourishing, nurturing environment.