Plush animals made from textile scraps

The Stuffed Animals collection from Kevin O'Brien Studio includes Bunny, Duck, Elephant, Owl, Squirrel and Turtle. Because they are handmade, sizes vary slightly. Generally, the Bunny is 10 inches x 5 inches and the Elephant is 12 inches x 6 inches.
The company says "Our one-of-a-kind furry friends are the result of a magical collaboration between textile designer Kevin O'Brien, and a plush animal designer in New Jersey. Fabric scraps, many hand-painted and hand-printed and left over from other production, are cut and pieced into stuffed animals. Each of these unique creatures comes to life through the use of recycled materials, including woven jacquard patterns, printed cotton velvets, silk velvets, printed linens, and antique buttons."
The animals are not recommended for children under 3; the company offers a baby-safe option with no buttons.