A Concern about Global Warming

The existence of the green forums is important. Global warming nowadays is a serious issue. People might entitle to their opinion about global warming but believe it or not, it is happening. Global warming is being cause by the high increase of carbon elements in the atmosphere which cause the green house effect. What is green house effect? Green house effect is the condition when carbon elements block the heat of the sun in the earth. It makes a condition that the light of the sun might come and out but the heat is trapped inside of the atmosphere. It is a very bad situation indeed because global warming caused the melting process of the poles. If the ice of the poles is melting then it would be disaster for human being, the rise level of the sea and the rapid climate change.

The rise of the sea level would cause some little islands drowned and the rapid climate change would cause bad climate like over rainfall or storms. The rapid rainfalls would cause flood and any other scary disaster and not to mention because of the climate change, some regions like Africa get a very long drought that caused the death of the crop and the lack of the food stocks. Pollution is also play important role in environmental damage in this earth. Global warming and pollution shares equal degree of the environmental degradation.

In order to combat global warming and environmental degradation, society hand to hand try to contribute the best on the actions like invention of green technology, quota for carbon and many more. It has to be reminded for all of the people in the world that global warming and environmental degradation is serious condition that should be taken into account. It is already happening and what people could do is slow down the process by doing environmental preservation actions.

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design

Small Kitchen Cabinets look beautiful in kitchen if it is design and place properly. Here we are sharing some Small Kitchen Cabinets Design that really help you if you are going to make cabinets for your kitchen. Take a look and do tell us in comment about following design.

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design

Small Kitchen Cabinets Picture

Dark color Small Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

Small Kitchen Cabinets Photo

UK kitchen cabinets design

small kitchen cabinets design