DreamSurfer: another reason to stay in bed

"DreamSurfer" is an innovative bed that marries the features of an upscale recliner and a luxurious bed. Armrests fold-down for extra comfort and support. Folding down from the headboard is a center console with matching cup holders and a power station that includes ports for an iPod dock, USB power and flash cards.

Three speakers—two on each side and one in the center—serenade one to sleep. The top of the headboard flips up revealing two practical reading lights.

DreamSurfer is a product from SLF, the strategic marketing unit of Home Meridian International.  It showed the furniture at the autumn 2011 High Point market.

"Since so much reading and TV viewing or done in the bedroom, we wanted to create a bed designed for those purposes" said Guy Walters, Vice President of New Product Development for SLF. “We called it ‘DreamSurfer’ because that is what Millenials do. They surf channels, the internet, and the radio. This turns the bedroom into an oasis for relaxation when you want to sleep in on the weekend or just unwind after a long day at the office.”