Ways to Support a cause

Support a cause is always being our duty in life. Sharing something to other without expect any profit is a noble thing that we can do in our life. Support a cause can be in the form of many useful things given to the people in need. We can provide finance to lighten their daily need, education to fulfill their need in knowledge, or we can provide clothing that can cover their body.

We can conduct this activity in a variety of activities. This is an activity that usually called as charity. In this modern era, people are like to do that to help each other by utilizing the role of media to collect more support. Internet is considered as the best way to do such activity as a non profit support.  Internet coverage is wider than the local media like radio, television or newspaper.

There are many things that we can give to the people in need to help them survive. One of the best things that we can give to them is clothing. To get the charity clothing, we can visit wearitable.com. It is a site where we can purchase clothing while supporting a cause. We can visit this site to find charity clothing and choose the preferable clothing. If we have our own favorite charity, we can also contact the site’s customer service and find out whether your favorite charity is reachable by them. We can take the benefits of using this service as personal charity or organization charity. To find out more about nonprofit support and nonprofit works, we can directly the site and clear explanation about it in the form of FAQ.

Those are about ways to support a cause. Hopefully this article will help the reader to be wiser to allocate the budgets and clothing in a charity. It is a great moment when we can give something to the people in need and helping them to have what they don’t have.

A Concern about Global Warming

The existence of the green forums is important. Global warming nowadays is a serious issue. People might entitle to their opinion about global warming but believe it or not, it is happening. Global warming is being cause by the high increase of carbon elements in the atmosphere which cause the green house effect. What is green house effect? Green house effect is the condition when carbon elements block the heat of the sun in the earth. It makes a condition that the light of the sun might come and out but the heat is trapped inside of the atmosphere. It is a very bad situation indeed because global warming caused the melting process of the poles. If the ice of the poles is melting then it would be disaster for human being, the rise level of the sea and the rapid climate change.

The rise of the sea level would cause some little islands drowned and the rapid climate change would cause bad climate like over rainfall or storms. The rapid rainfalls would cause flood and any other scary disaster and not to mention because of the climate change, some regions like Africa get a very long drought that caused the death of the crop and the lack of the food stocks. Pollution is also play important role in environmental damage in this earth. Global warming and pollution shares equal degree of the environmental degradation.

In order to combat global warming and environmental degradation, society hand to hand try to contribute the best on the actions like invention of green technology, quota for carbon and many more. It has to be reminded for all of the people in the world that global warming and environmental degradation is serious condition that should be taken into account. It is already happening and what people could do is slow down the process by doing environmental preservation actions.

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design

Small Kitchen Cabinets look beautiful in kitchen if it is design and place properly. Here we are sharing some Small Kitchen Cabinets Design that really help you if you are going to make cabinets for your kitchen. Take a look and do tell us in comment about following design.

Small Kitchen Cabinets Design

Small Kitchen Cabinets Picture

Dark color Small Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

Small Kitchen Cabinets Photo

UK kitchen cabinets design

small kitchen cabinets design

Pink Kitchen Cabinets Design

Here are some Pink Kitchen Cabinets Design in which pink color has different appearance as you can see. In our previous Pink Kitchen Cabinets post we display some modern design but here are some classic one hope you like it.

 Pink Kitchen Cabinets Design

Pink Kitchen Cabinet

pink cabinets for kitchen

pink kitchen cabinets design

Silver Kitchen Cabinets Design

Here are some latest Silver Kitchen Cabinets Design with different look. All the silver stuff is made by Stainless Steel. We pick following design for its unique appearance. Hope you like it.

Silver Kitchen Cabinets Design

Silver Kitchen Cabinets

Silver Kitchen Cabinets Design Photo

Silver Kitchen Cabinets Design Picture

Most Popular Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the most important thing in kitchen. Cabinets set up atmosphere, tone and mood of kitchen and also important in kitchen functionality. Selecting correct wood for the kitchen cabinets is crucial element when reshaping overall feel of kitchen. Here we take some Most Popular Wood Kitchen Cabinets I hope you like it and take some good ideas for your kitchen. You can also check Wood Kitchen Cabinets Pictures for more ideas.

Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Oak kitchen cabinets

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets


Glazed Birch Kitchen Cabinets

remodeling ideas for kitchen cabinets

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Most Popular Wood Kitchen Cabinets

italian wood kitchen cabinets

Earth-friendly housewares made of bamboo

Natural Home Products collection
Natural Home & Garden magazine debuted a line of housewares at the  2012 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago last month. The line, called Natural Home Products, is meant to offer the consumer sustainable products with exceptional quality that are priced at or below the current market leaders is a huge step forward, says company president Bill Mitchell. 

Among the items is the space-saving Eazistore nesting cookware set, which reduces required storage space by up to 67 percent. The line is oven- and dishwasher-safe as well as recyclable.
Another collection is made from the material Moboo. The molded-bamboo kitchenware is made from bamboo sawdust, rice starch and an all-natural plant-based binder. It is durable, nontoxic and dishwasher-safe with a similar look and feel to plastic. The Moboo line is composed of kitchen tools, gadgets, bowls, measuring cups/spoons and compost bins. Most are available in a variety of colors such as Charcoal, Natural, Cherry and Pistachio. 

The Saturday Special: Dallas honors 2 retailers for their good deeds

Dallas Market Center announced the two winners for TheNext Big Give, a national search for specialty retailers that give back in their communities:
The winners were selected from more than 50 retailers thatare involved in a variety of ways through volunteering, raising funds or donating goods.

“Congratulations to The Next Big Give winners,” said Bill Winsor, president and CEO, DallasMarket Center. “Both winners are great examples of how retailers can give back in big and smallways. Their work is truly inspiring.”

A. Dodson’s Owner Alison Dodson Anderson learned the spirit of giving directly from herparents. During her childhood, Alison’s father, a local dentist in her hometown, often exchangedhis services with patients who could only afford to pay him with a livestock chicken or free yardwork. Spurred by the pride and appreciation for her father’s generosity, Alison began givingback through her store immediately following its opening seven years ago. A. Dodson’s supportsnumerous causes including blood drives, toy and school supply drives, even donating $12,000to Taylor Bend YMCA to assist in building a new facility.

Even after giving back in a variety of ways, Alison wanted a means to focus her store’s givingefforts. Her search led to the development of The A. Dodson’s Round Up, a program allowingcustomers to round up the cost of each purchase to the nearest dollar and have the extra centsdonated to charity. A. Dodson’s publishes a poll on its Facebook page in order for customers tochoose the cause the Round Up funds will be donated to at the end of each month. Charitiescan easily apply by simply emailing their name, contact information, and confirmation of their501c3 status to roundup@adodsons.com. In 2011, A. Dodson’s gave more than $2,500 tovarious charity organizations. For more information on A. Dodson’s visit www.adodsons.com 

“This January we were able to donate hundreds of dollars to the Ovarian Cancer ResearchFund through The A. Dodson’s Round Up,” said Kim Glover, director of marketing, A. Dodson’s.“Through the program we are able to donate to charities near and dear to our hearts as well asexpose our customers to organizations that they in turn volunteer for. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

Originally operating under the name “Brookshire Brothers,” Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy wasfounded in 1928 by Wood T. Brookshire in Tyler, Texas. Since its inception, Brookshire’s hasgrown to 150 stores spanning three states—Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Wood founded thecompany with a foremost concern for the well-being of others, which continues to influence thecompany today.Brookshire’s has been giving back to the communities in which it operates since its founding.

In2008, the Community Connections program was founded to enable Brookshire’s employees toassist with the causes important to each store’s local community. Employees form teams bystore or non-retail department and gather to volunteer an average of four times per year with thecause of their choice. Last year, Brookshire’s donated more than 28,000 documented volunteerhours and more than $1.5 million to various charitable causes.

One notable effort was its WorldWar II Heroes Flight in May 2011, in which Brookshire’s sent 33 World War II veterans toWashington, District of Columbia, all expenses paid, where they visited several war memorialsand the U.S. Capitol building. For more information on Brookshire’s visit www.brookshires.com.

“Giving back is an important part of our company culture and something we expect to continue,”said Sam Anderson, community involvement manager, Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy. “Webelieve it’s important to support the communities that support us. Being actively involved in theschools and other aspects of the community helps us to stay in touch with our customers and bebetter prepared to serve their wants and needs. But, most importantly, helping others is the rightthing to do.”

After receiving more than 50 applications, the entries were narrowed down to 10 finalists andthen two winners by a panel of industry experts and Dallas Market Center representatives. Thewinners will receive a complimentary trip to the March 22-25, 2012 Market in Dallas includinground-trip airfare and three nights hotel stay.

The Next Big Give winners were recognized on March 22 duringThe Inspired Event, a cocktail party benefiting charitable causes.For additional information on the contest visit www.dallasmarketcenter.com/contests/give oremail thenextbiggive@mcmcmail.com.

Award-winning lacquerware for the home

J. Fleet Designs won the Best of the Best Award for Accessories from the American Society of Interior Designers. The company says its round trays and vide-poches were successful at shows in Paris and New York.

Established in 1995, J. Fleet Designs offers luxury lacquerware products for the home, including  bowls, trays and bath accessories. The accessories are made in Vietnam, and marry a centuries-old artisan tradition with contemporary, up-to-the-moment designs.

Guest blog: SURTEX Preview

Surtex 2011
Gift & Home Today invited Penny Sikalis, the vice president of show producer GLM and manager of the SURTEX show, to share insights into the trends and resources at SURTEX. Here is her report.

Penny Sikalis
If it's spring, then it's time to attend SURTEX®, on May 20-22, 2012 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Why? Because it’s the market that influences product trends across all home categories! Think of it as the crystal ball of emerging trends, and the indicator of product colors and designs that will soon be making their way into shops and then homes. 

In its 26th year, SURTEX features more than 300 exhibitors representing the works of more than 1,000 artist and designers from around the world … all of whom are on the cutting-edge of the design business. They’ll be offering the latest original artwork and brands to the 6,000 attendees (art buyers and licensees) who annually seek surface designs, from textile and graphic design to illustration, photography and mixed media. 

These designs will take shape in a broad spectrum of markets, including decorative fabrics, tabletop, giftware, stationery, greeting cards, gift wrap and other paper products, ceramics, linens and domestics, wall coverings and floor coverings, apparel textiles, toys, packaging and publishing. It’s an all-inclusive marketplace for not only product developers, but also smart independent retailers who want to stay ahead of their competition. They’ll get a sneak peek of what will be in development and launched for 2013 delivery. 

Here, two SURTEX exhibitors share a bit about their upcoming offerings. 

Sam Abell is President and CEO of Courtney Davis Inc.,  a leading art licensing agency for more than 37 years. His unique perspective for what’s ahead includes four themes:
  1. Color: fresh, bright and being used in a dominant fashion as well as accent 
  2. Mix & Match: patterns are being juxtaposed in a unique, playful manner 
  3. Burlap: a key accent in higher-end design 
  4. Organic: a growing area of interest in both design and subject matter 

Nancy Fire is founder and creative director of Design Works International, a well-known design studio and trend service firm of more than 20 years. 

Surtex 2011
"This year we are focusing on eclectic mixes of patterns, like large scale floral designs paired with geometric accents. In addition, there are lush tropical patterns in deep color combinations, sun-struck mid-tone colors for retro florals, and coconut grove brights for junior conversationals. Nature remains strong, including birds with pattern-fill images in many styles."

In addition to seeing exhibitors’ offerings, SURTEX participants will have access to an all-new Trend Theater, where world-renowned forecasting companies will share their future visions via daily multi-media trend presentations. Complimentary and exclusive to SURTEX, these 30-minute sessions will inspire viewers with the pulse of the market, from consumer attitudes and street happenings, to color, design and theme directions across multiple categories.

To get the full picture of what’s ahead, and what every design-related business – whether manufacturer or retailer – should be planning for 2013/14, SURTEX is a must-attend. A comprehensive Conference Program as well as networking activities, will round out the experience.For registration and attendance details, visit www.surtex.com.

Trends from the Paris show Maison & Objet

Editor's note: Paula Berberian, Creative Director of WallPopsof Brewster Home Fashions, shares her observations. 

Twice a year the latest home décor products are shown inParis at the Maison & Objet biannual housewares trade show.  From furnitureand rugs to lighting and wallpapers, the exhibition halls of the Parc desExpositions and the galleries bordering the Seine showcase all things chic,revealing what will be fashionable for the home in the next year.  After trekkingthe floors of the show noting trends, Paula Berberian, Creative Director of WallPopsof Brewster Home Fashions, one of the oldest independent, family-ownedwallpaper companies in the U.S., shares five fads sure to be big this year thatcan easily be integrated into the home.
Warm Colors
    Kenneth James’ Suzani by Eijffinger
    It mayhave been winter weather when Maison was held but inside its halls sprung atropical array of colors. 
    “Therewas an overall warming of the palette,” says Berberian.  “As Pantone® namedTangerine Tango the color of the year, we saw a lot of the red family incorals, pinks and oranges, but surprisingly there was also another popular andunexpected hue, Palm Springs Blue that was everywhere.” 
    The aquablue was paired with oranges, oriental reds and browns.  There was also ayellow-infused green just slightly subdued from chartreuse, along with a brightcurry yellow and red-infused purples.  This trend is beautifully captured inKenneth James’ Suzani by Eijffinger® line featuring colorful designs liketrees, ornamental flowers and embroidered circles in bright, stylish colors. One design features a teal background with a colorful floral array in orange,teal, yellow and pink.

    Modern Touches
      Kenneth James’ new Zircon by Eijffinger®
       “Modernis still in,” says Berberian.  “While we saw a lot of vintage designs, allwould have some modern element added, giving a fresh look to more traditionaldesigns.”
      Fora modern spin, some of the items seen at the show were a classic chinoiseriethat went chic in a vivid purple rather than the usual French Blue or red andtraditional wood furnishings had an added splash of a bright color such as limegreen.  Tribal designs like ikats and suzanis were also infused with moderncolors and interpretations.  For an updated classic, Kenneth James’ new Zirconby Eijffinger® collection features dramatic, modern designs such as traditionalstripes revived with dry matte colors, suede printing and a mica finish.  

      Natural Woods
      Kenneth James’Suzani by Eijffinger®
      “Therewas a continued move toward the natural and organic with hand-crafted woodenpieces throughout the show, particularly whitewashed pine,” says Berberian.
      Toincorporate an eco-chic touch to any space, look to pieces made with reclaimed,whitewashed or wire-brushed woods. 

        Kenneth James’ Pipwallpaper collection by Eijffinger®, Silhouettes Flock Pink
        “Dimensional elements were added to furnishings and textiles such as jewels, pearls, mirrorsand other adornments,” says Berberian.
        Addedluxe textures to already likable patterns is seen in the cheerful and colorful,Kenneth James’ Pip wallpaper collection by Eijffinger®.  Pip, known for itstagline of “Happy Products, Happy People” that offers a line of bed sheets, kitchenwareand bags, now offers a wallpaper line.  It includes floral and bird prints aswell as playful framed-photo, postcard and stamp designs.  A classic damask designcomes alive with the textured flocking seen in its Silhouettes Flock Pinkwallpaper.

        British Influence
          Brewster HomeFashions English Style by Fairwinds Studio
          Whetherbecause of the Royal Wedding or with the upcoming Summer Olympics in London, aspotlight was on all things U.K.-inspired. 
          “Therewas a British explosion with the Union Jack flag, British flag and other iconicdesigns,” says Berberian.
          Foran English update at home, experiment with hounds tooth and pretty floralpatterns or fun items emblazoned with images of crowns, Big Ben, London Bridgeor the city’s iconic red phone booth.
          Beat the forefront of the most fashionable items for the home by incorporatingthese on-trend designs from Brewster Home Fashions.
          Headquarteredin Randolph, Mass., Brewster Home Fashionsis one of the oldest independent, family-owned wallcovering companies in theU.S. that now spans five generations.  Since 1954, Brewster Home Fashions hasbeen a prominent manufacturer and distributor of fine wallpapers and home decorproducts for residential and commercial markets globally. 

          For more information, visit brewsterwallcovering.com.

          Organic bedding in new colorways for spring

          Coyuchi sells organic cotton bedding in the United States. It says all of its cotton products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and produced using fair–labor practices, verified by in-country auditors.

          "Anything wrinkle-free has added polyester or is coated with chemical resin," says Karyn Barsa, CEO of Coyuchi. “Also, skip super high thread counts: The thin threads may be strengthened with—you guessed it—more chemicals. Organic cotton, by contrast, simply softens over time, and generally lasts longer.”

          Keith Haring pattern on wall tiles

          Blik, a maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, is launching Keith Haring Pattern Wall Tiles, a new eco-friendly take on Haring's repeating patterns.

          Best known for his iconic line-drawings of radiant babies and barking dogs, Haring was fascinated by complex surface pattern and startling color combinations. The launch of the wall tiles is timed with the opening of Keith Haring: 1978-1982 at the Brooklyn Museum.

          The pattern moves across two 28" x 48" tiles. The tiles are self-adhesive (no messy glue required), movable, reusable and eco-friendly (free of both PVC's and phthalates.)

          Completely customizable, the wall tiles can be cut, crafted and arranged in a number of ways. Create an accent over a sofa or frame a small section of a wall, or add more tiles to the design to recreate the mural environment.

          50 years on, Riedel keeps designing wine glasses

          Riedel Crystal, a 250-year-old company, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its “wine friendly” stemware in 1961 with an exhibit at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

          At the just-ended 2012 International Home & Housewares Show, the company launched its latest designs, including the dragon-shaped Twenty-Twelve decanter (bottom image), inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and the Cobra Verde, a limited-edition piece for magnum-sized bottles, designed by Maximilian Riedel himself.

          An owl is featured in steel wall decor collection

          Lazart Production introduces an owl to its laser-cut steel wall decor collection. The American-made images are available in full-sized wall art pieces to smaller pieces designed to hang in the window. Available in a rich Honey Pinion finish, each piece includes built-in brackets on the back for hanging. See this laser-cut owl and other new products at the summer's major gift shows.

          Sunday special: Retailers, architects team up again in London project

          Regent Street Windows Project is an initiative of RIBA London and Regent Street, London W1. The project started in 2010 as part of the London Festival of Architecture and is now established as a stand-alone annual event. The Regent Street Windows Project: RIBA London runs from April 16 to May 6. For 2012, the retailer and architect pairings are:
          • Banana Republic: Ushida Findlay Architects and Visitor Studio
          • Ferrari: Feix & Merlin
          • Bose: Zero Zero
          • Reiss: De Matos Ryan
          • Folli Follie: Egret West
          • TM Lewin: Liddicoat & Goldhill
          • Anthropologie: Gort Scott
          • Moss Bros: Delvendahl Martin Architects
          • Quiksilver: Bradley van der Straeten 
          Here is a video of the 2011 project.


            Following the success of the Regent Street Windows Project, RIBA London is collaborating with the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate and Shui On Development Limited to deliver a series of eye-catching architectural retail installations in Shanghai in as part of the UK Now festival, which celebrates British creative talent in China. The Shanghai windows project will partner 9 London architects with 9 prominent retailers to design and create eye-catching displays in the windows of the Shanghai Xintiandi and Xintiandi Style shopping center. The resulting displays will be on public display in September 2012.

            Stylish anti-fatigue mat for the kitchen

            The new Seasons Mat Cover collection from WellnessMats  is  a collection of removable, interchangeable, and seasonable decorative mat covers. The covers are made of stain-, spill- and bacterial-free fabric. The company added Moiré, an grid design inspired by the French textile process.

            Kitchen tools from Curtis Stone

            Here are three new items introduced by Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions at the International Housewares Show this week. There are also prep tools, cookware, bakeware and servingware.

            Chef Curtis Stone created Kitchen Solutions after working in domestic kitchens on "Take Home Chef" and seeing many of the common problems that home cooks were facing. He started thinking about products that would help them to better organize and learn the skills that professionals use in the kitchen, such as Workbench Cutting Board (shown above),  which offers a more hygienic and organized work station for prepping.

            The  "Go with the Flow Oil Can" (below) has an upward elongated narrow spout to allow a thin steady stream of oil for a perfect pour. The design cuts down on spillage on the outside of the bottle. 

            Foldable ice bucket stores flat after use

            Foldable ice bucket
            Ravi Solution, makers of the Ravi-Instant Wine Refresher, launched its Instant Wine Refresher at the Chicago Housewares show.

            Another new product is the Foldable Ice Bucket made of PVC. Available in four colors, it can be folded after use and stored.

            The 2-in-1 Vacuum Stopper is a wine stopper and a pump that removes the air in wine bottle to preserve freshness and flavor.

            Wall-mounted wine racks made of exotic wood

            Vynebar introduced its newest collection, called Allure, at the International Home and Housewares show in Chicago this week. The wine racks are made in the United States with exotic woods accented with brass, copper or nickel metals.  The Vynebar 8 Allure Collection holds eight bottles of wine and the Vynebar 4 Allure Collection holds four bottles. Easy to install, the Vynebar can also be mounted under kitchen cabinets.

            Another collection offers eight anodized metal colors in four finishes: Glossy Polished, Flat Bead Blasted, Brushed Stainless Steel and Polished Mirror.

            Luxury chandelier is 10-feet in diameter

            The Medusa chandelier from 2nd AVE Lighting is suitable for a luxury home, retail, hospitality or commercial location.  The fixture is designed and crafted with 120 Bayonette mounted LED lights that are attached to a contemporary styled central mount.  All of the hardware is finished in a cool brushed aluminum. The chandelier is 28 inches tall and 124 inches in diameter. It is made in New York state.