Have Renewable Biomass Becomes a Solution for Our Future

A big problem that we have to face for so long ago until now is that fuel is not renewable. While most people want to have their own car, the source of fuel itself is still hard to find. What if it runs out until someday? We cannot live without what we have gotten until now. The comfort of living while getting anything that we want has pushed us to work harder so that we can earn good living. Yet, if we still cannot look for alternative way if we run out of fuel then we just have to face uncomfortable life someday. For this reason, we need to get some invention related to renewable fuel biomass that can help us get out of this big problem. With renewable biomass fuel, we can have alternative fuel that we produce from plants. 
The concept is quite easy to understand even for commoners like us. But of course, the process is not as simple as it seems in our sight. There will be some things that scientists have to do relate to this new invention. They cannot sit comfortably like us today since they have to look for what they can do in order to get this case solved. We should do everything to give our descendant the same privilege as what we have now. If we cannot do it directly, then it will still be a great thing to support the people who do it for us. This is why at least we should know about this matter thoroughly so that if someday those scientists need our help, then we are ready for them. Do not let this matter goes on without solution if we do not want our children suffer then. Let us do the best today for what our children can gain in the future.